President's Newsletter

2023 Winter Newsletter

Dear TSS members and friends,
  1. Mark your calendars for the 11th Annual HORIZONS Spring Speaker Series in the IMAX Theater: February 22, March 29, April 19, and May 17; doors open at 6:30 p.m. for the 7:00 presentation. Season tickets are available at: Individual tickets are available at Tickets prices start at $8.
  3. Interested in a FIELD TRIP? We have an online survey of possible trips and would appreciate your input. Some past favorites: The Bio Paleontology Lab (dinosaur fossils), the Alum Bluffs geological site (the earth’s crust), and Center for Biological Control (bee defense). Let us know where you would like to go next!
  5. TSS, through the Big Bend/Leon Association for Science Teaching (BLAST), fund up to four MINI-GRANTS each semester. These grants are available to Leon County public science school teachers to fund classroom projects. Check out the application here! Maximum Mini-Grant funding is $250 for teachers. Winners will present their results at the May Annual BLAST Awards Ceremony. Stay tuned!
  7. This past fall, TSS hosted a CITIZEN SCIENCE NIGHT with FSU on September 7th. What is “CITIZEN SCIENCE?” It is the involvement of the public in scientific research. Citizen science connects professionals to community volunteers who have the opportunity to advance research by conducting periodic surveys or observations of a specific phenomenon. Florida State University biologist Dr. Austin Mast presented the theories and practices of Citizen Science. Rebecca Means, Coastal Plains Institute, and Roz Kilcollins, Bald Point Volunteer Coordinator for Florida Horseshoe Crab Watch (FHCW) showcased their research projects at the event and welcomed volunteers. See their websites to get more information.
  9. Coming soon: In accordance with our mission to bring opportunities to under-served populations, we will again participate in Neighborhood CAMP FAIR, a public event to share information about science camps with students and their families.
  11. Science Fair! Science Fair judging of middle and high school students will be culminating in the Capital Regional Science & Engineering Fair on February 4th. Every year, TSS works with elementary, middle and high schools to provide volunteers and recruit judges. Volunteers help students to realize the invaluable benefits in problem solving, critical thinking, and learning to communicate their project. TSS recruits volunteer judges from our membership, The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Florida Geological Survey, and Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists, Inc. (EGS), and friends.
  13. Gold Medal Award Ceremony: On November 1st, the 2022 Gold Medal was awarded to Dr. Ellen Granger of Florida State University. She is the Director of the Office of STEM Teaching Activities and Co-Director of FSU Teach. Dr. Granger was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) for her contributions to science education. Thank you for your continued support of TSS. Please consider a contribution to the HORIZONS Speaker Series. DONATE HERE. Your donations provide funds for travel expenses, lodging, and honorariums. Donations also fund teacher mini-grants, Gold Medal Awards ceremony, and travel scholarships for local Science Fair winners.
MEMBERSHIP: To join or renew, visit Let’s continue working together tohelp make Tallahassee a “Science City!” We need you!
  Thank you,
TSS Board of Directors  
Kerry Maddox, Pres.
Christopher Harvey, Vice Pres.
Carol Zimmerman, Treasurer
Amelia Maddox, Secretary
Barry Boerner
Martin Bremer
Mabry Gaboardi Calhoun
Jake Edwards
Alicia Hudson
Adrienne Stephenson
Kathryn Travis
Susan Vinson
Charlisa Whyms