The Tallahassee Scientific Society proudly presents these and other programs each year.
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Gold Medal Award & Membership Social

lectureThe Gold Medal Award, established in 2004, is annually bestowed by the Society on a scientist or scholar selected from the Tallahassee community whose career achievements in science or science education and outreach are deemed exemplary.
Each fall, the Society hosts the presentation of the award and free public lecture by the awardee, preceded by a reception.

The Society invites the public to the 2019 Gold Medal ceremony and a free public lecture by Dr. Greene at 7 pm on Tuesday, November 12, at the Challenger Learning Center, 200 South Duval Street, Tallahassee, FL 32301. Dr. Greene’s presentation will be titled, “The Dark Energy of Quantum Materials”. Prior to the ceremony, the Society will host a reception and cash bar beginning at 6 pm.

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The HORIZONS 2019 Spring Speaker Series

February 28: Dr. Kaiser will discuss how recent measurements of cosmic microwave background radiation have provided insights into the quantum state of the universe during its earliest moments.
March 28:Tiny Earth Executive Director Sam Rikkers and Partner Instructors, Brittany Gasper and Eric Warrick, will lead a conversation discussing antibiotic resistance and discovery, innovations in STEM education, and how Tiny Earth is helping produce a citizenry that values scientific research and discovery.
April 25:Ryan and Rebecca Means share their results with the public to raise awareness about the extent of roads in our country and the importance of preserving the remote and roadless areas that remain.
May 23:Helen James her collaborators have discovered over sixty species of extinct fossil birds in the Hawaiian Islands, many of them with odd traits like the inability to fly. She will share the story of these astounding discoveries and how they changed what we think about extinction, as well as how to prevent it.

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Field Trips

The Tallahassee Scientific Society is continuing its series of field trips, which usually are Saturday morning, family friendly, expert-led outings. They are announced first to TSS members by email and later to the general public if spaces remain. Trips in the 2017 and 2018 seasons have focused on karst geology, astronomy, archaeology, dinosaur paleontology, quarry fossil-hunting, and visits to Tall Timbers Research Station and the Hopkins Power Plant. New trips are offered to members by email and advanced reservations are required. Group size is managed for a maximum educational experience, and there are no charges for the trips. Watch your email and register quickly when the trips are announced.
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Science Salon


Lannutti Awards

Professor Joseph Lannutti was one of the most prolific innovators of recent times. He joined the faculty of Florida State University in 1957, and brought distinction to that institution through his extensive contributions to the Department of Physics. Professor Lannutti’s creative talents have also contributed to the excellence of the graduate research programs that exist at Florida State University. The fruits of his labors are to be seen everywhere. The Tallahassee Scientific Society was privileged to welcome Professor Lannutti as a member of the Board of Directors in 1994/95, where his timely direction and advice were very fruitful.

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The John Gorrie Lectures

Under Construction
gorriegoodWith this community-focused series, the Society honors the memory of John Gorrie (1802-1855), the pioneering physician, scientist and inventor who, from his laboratory in Apalachicola, Florida, became the first to invent an artificial means of creating ice. The principles of the machine eventually became the foundation for modern air conditioning. The Gorrie Series features presentations primarily by local scientists hosted by schools and community groups throughout the Big Bend area. The Gorrie Series has included presentations to Gadsden and Jefferson County high school science students and the 2nd Saturday Science Lab held monthly at the Leon County Public Library.