Lannutti Memorial Lectures

lannuttiframedProfessor Joseph Lannutti was one of the most prolific innovators of recent times. He joined the faculty of Florida State University in 1957, and brought distinction to that institution through his extensive contributions to the Department of Physics. The Particle Physics Program which he established in that year projected the department as a pioneer in this most frontier field of physics. His foresight in the 1980’s led to the establishment of the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. He also pioneered the development of the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute, which later evolved into the School of Computational Science and Information Technology (in the 1980’s); which has recently become the Department of Scientific Computing (DSC). This unique endeavor has provided a fertile work environment for world-class science. Professor Lannutti’s creative talents have also contributed to the excellence of the graduate research programs that exist at Florida State University. The fruits of his labors are seen everywhere. Ever faithful to his dream, he contributed extensively to the development of education and practice of the sciences. Nor were Professor Lannutti’s endeavors related only to Physical Sciences: at the time of his death in 1997, he was actively developing a novel form of mariculture applicable to northern Florida. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has taken up his baton, and is implementing the project. The Tallahassee Scientific Society was privileged to welcome Professor Lannutti as a member of the Board of Directors in 1994/95, where his timely direction and advice were very fruitful. The Society’s Board has established an annual Distinguished Scientific Lecture in memory of this eminent scholar who contributed so selflessly to the development of the sciences in the regions about Tallahassee, thereby furthering the prime objective of the Society.

Honored Lannutti Lecturers

2017 Gabriela González
2016 Bob Williams
2015 Pushpalatha Bhat
2014 JoAnne Hewett
2013 Michael S Turner
2012 Pier Oddone
2011 Jorge Morfin
2010 Brian Green
2009 Lisa Randall
2008 Boris Kayser
2007 Homer Neal
2006 Leon Lederman
2005 Edward W. “Rocky” Kolb
2004 George Smoot
2003 Maurice Goldhaber
2002 Gerson Goldhaber
2001 Raymond Bye, Jr.
2000 C. Paul Robinson
1999 Hans Schneider-Muntau
1998 Paul Zajicek