Student-Sourcing the Discovery of New Antibiotics in the Soil – Sam Rikkers, J.D.

Sam Rikkers, J.D., Executive Director, Tiny Earth;
Brittany Gasper, Ph.D., Florida Southern College;
Eric Warrick, Ph.D., State College of Florida Student-Sourcing the Discovery of New Antibiotics in the Soil Tiny Earth is working to reverse a global health crisis resulting from multi-drug resistant microbes through a global network of student-scientists. Tiny Earth inspires and retains students in the sciences while enlisting them in a collective effort to crowd-source the discovery of new antibiotics from the soil. This effort involves nearly 10,000 students across 44 states and 14 countries. Tiny Earth Executive Director Sam Rikkers and Partner Instructors, Brittany Gasper and Eric Warrick, will lead a conversation discussing antibiotic resistance and discovery, innovations in STEM education, and how Tiny Earth is helping produce a citizenry that values scientific research and discovery. Doors Open at 6:00pm • Talk Starts at 7:00pm purchasetickets

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Mar 28 2019


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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