Horizons Events Historically

Horizons 2019

February 28 – David Kaiser, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Science.,
“Quantum Jitters in the Sky: The Big Bang, Cosmic Inflation, and the Latest Observations”.

March 28 – Sam Rikkers, J.D., Executive Director, Tiny Earth; Brittany Gasper, Ph.D., Florida Southern College, Eric Warrick, Ph.D., State College of Florida., “Student-Sourcing the Discovery of New Antibiotics in the Soil”.

April 25 – Ryan and Rebecca Means, President and Director of Coastal Plains Institute, “Project Remote: Where the Road Ends”.

May 23 – Helen F. James, D. Phil., National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, “Discovering a Lost World of Birds: Fossils in Hawaii’s Lava Caves”.

Horizons 2018

February 22 – Greg Erickson, Professor of Anatomy and Vertebrate Paleobiology, Florida State University, “ Breathing Life into T-Rex”.

March 22 – Elaine Osterland , Geneticist, National Human Genome Research Institute, “Genes Wagging the Tail: Genetics of Complex Traits in Domestic Dogs”.

April 24 – John Hunt, Program Administrator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Labs, Marathon, FL, “Science and Ecosystem Management in the Florida Keys: Recent Successes and Challenge.

May 22 – Jack Davis, Professor of Environmental History, University of Florida, “The Gulf of Mexico: History, Nature, and Hope”.

Horizons 2017

February 23 – Bruce Means, Biologist, Coastal Plains Institute, “Diamonds in the Rough: Natural History of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake”.

March 23 – Gail Skofronick-Jackson, NASA Project Specialist, “Let it Rain and Snow:Global Precipitation Measurement for Science and Society”.

April 27 – Jeffery Shanks, Archaeologist, National Park Service, “Middens, Mounds, and Mortuary Cults: The Archaeology of the Byrd Hammock Site”.

May 17 – Don Chambers, Associate Professor of Marine Science, University of South Florida, “Sea Level Rise and Climate Change”.

Horizons 2016

February 25 – Chris Koenig, Marine Biologist, “Deep Science:  The Secret Lives of Groupers”.

March 24 – James Rice, Specialist on the Geology of Mars, “Wheels on Mars:  The Adventures and Discoveries of the Mars Rovers”.

April 28 – Tom Seeley, Biologist, “The Amazing Swarm:  How Honeybees Get Smart”.

May 25 – Ken Ford, CEO of the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, “Wright Brothers Revisited:  Climbing Aloft on the AI Wing”.

Horizons 2015

February 26 – Ellen Prager, Marine Scientist, Author, “The Shark Whisperer & Other Exotic Tales of the Sea”.

March 26 – Brian Switek, Science Writer, “My Beloved Brontosaurus:  A Trip through the Days of the Big Dinosaurs”.

April 23 – Panel Discussion, “Deepwater Horizon’s 5th Anniversary”.

May28 – George H. Burgess, “Man in the Gray Suit: The Truth about Shark Attacks”

Horizons 2014

February 27 – Bruce Means, Naturalist, Explorer, Author, “Over the Rainbow:  Exploring Shangri-La, The Lost Worlds of South America”.

March 20 – Leslie Sturmer, Fisheries Biologist, “Clamelot:  How a Clam Saved a Coastal Community”.

April 24 – Carlton Ward, Jr, Conservation Photographer, “The Corridor Expedition:  Connecting the Florida Wild”.

May 22 – Joe Hutto, Naturalist, Author, “Wyoming Wild:  The Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch”

Horizons 2013

February 28 – Cynthia Barnett, Science Writer, “Blue Revolution:  A Water Ethic for Florida and America”.

April 1 – John D. Hofmeister, Retired President of Shell Oil Co, “Staring at the Abyss: Economic Growth and Energy Security or Recession and Energy Rationing?”

April 25 – Maria Jacobsen, Archaeologist, “The H. L. Hunley: Surprising Facts About the South’s Secret Weapon”.

May 23 – Jim Fowler, Naturalist, TV Personality, “Wild Planet: What the Animals are Telling Us”

Horizons 2012

February 23 – Frank DiBello, President, Space Florida, “The State of the Space Industry in Florida”.

March 22 – Tom C. Shirley, Marine Biologist, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, “Run Silent, Run Deep:  New Life on WWII Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico”.

April 25 – Joe Hutto, Naturalist, Author, Wildlife Artist, “My Life as a Turkey:  One Man’s Study of Nature & Nurture in the Wilds of Sopchoppy”.

May 24 – Janisse Ray, Author, Poet, Naturalist, “The Ecology of Southern Nature”.