Horizons Series

A series begun by the local, non-profit Tallahassee Scientific Society in 2011 to further its mission to promote public interest in science and technology. The series features one presentation per month beginning February and running through April. Admission is free for all students.

Upcoming Series Events

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Previous Series Events

Horizons 2023
  • February 22 – Cynthia Barnett, Author and Environmentalist, Gainesville, Florida , “The Sound of the Sea: Seashells and the Fate of the Oceans”
  • March 22 – Matthew Greenhouse, Project Scientist for the JWST, Laboratory for Observational Cosmology, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, “The James Webb Space Telescope Mission”
  • April 19 – Thomas M. Scott, PhD, PG, Assistant State Geologist Emeritus, Florida Geological Survey, Tallahassee, Florida “Florida’s Geology – A Story of Beaches, Lakes, Sinkholes and More!”
  • May 17 – Akito Y. Kawahara, Ph.D., Professor and Curator of Lepidoptera, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida , “Evolution and diversification of butterflies and moths: Anti-Bat ultrasound jamming, acoustic deflection, and visual lures.”
Horizons 2022
  • February 24 – Stephen Leatherman, Ph.D., aka Dr. Beach Professor and Director of the Laboratory for Coastal Research at Florida International University, “Beach Ratings, Rip Currents, and Surf Safety”
  • April 27 – Bruce Means, Ph.D., Ecologist and President and Executive Director of the Coastal Plains Institute and Land Conservancy “Lost World Found”
  • May 19 – Elizabeth Jones, Ph.D., Cretaceous Creatures Coordinator at the the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences “Ancient DNA: The Making of a Celebrity Science”
Horizons 2021 Click for more details
  • January 28 – Erin McKenney, Ph.D., Department of Applied Ecology at NC State University, “Food, guts, and bugs: keys to a cultured life.”
  • February 18, 2021 – Frederick Davis, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of History at Purdue University, “Rachel Carson and the Wonder of Nature.”
  • March 18 – Kat Volk, Ph.D., Department of Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, “Interstellar Visitors: What We’ve Learned from 1I/’ Oumuamua and 2I/Borisov presented”
  • April 15 – Jen Locke, Ph.D., Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University, “The Role of the Environment in Accelerating Material Failure: Real World Examples and How Research Addresses the Challenges”
Horizons 2020 – Click for more details
  • February 26 – Daniela Nicastro, Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center, Department of Cell Biology, “Seeing is believing: ‘Ice age’ imaging opens a new window into cells;”.
  • March 26 – Jerry Coyne, Ph.D., University of Chicago Professor of Ecology and Evolution., “Why Evolution Is Still True”.
  • April 30 – (Canceled due to Covid) – Erin McKenney, Ph.D., Department of Applied Ecology at NC State University, “Food, guts, and bugs: keys to a cultured life.”
Horizons 2019 – Click for more details
  • February 28 – David Kaiser, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Physics and Professor of the History of Science., “Quantum Jitters in the Sky: The Big Bang, Cosmic Inflation, and the Latest Observations”.
  • March 28 – Sam Rikkers, J.D., Executive Director, Tiny Earth; Brittany Gasper, Ph.D., Eric Warrick, Ph.D., “Student-Sourcing the Discovery of New Antibiotics in the Soil”.
  • April 25 – Ryan and Rebecca Means, President and Director of Coastal Plains Institute, “Project Remote: Where the Road Ends”.
  • May 23 – Helen F. James, D. Phil., National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, “Discovering a Lost World of Birds: Fossils in Hawaii’s Lava Caves.”
Horizons 2018 – Click for more details
  • February 22 – Greg Erickson, Professor of Anatomy and Vertebrate Paleobiology, Florida State University, “Breathing Life into T-Rex”.
  • March 22 – Elaine Osterland , Geneticist, National Human Genome Research Institute, “Genes Wagging the Tail: Genetics of Complex Traits in Domestic Dogs”.
  • April 24 – John Hunt, Program Administrator, Florida Fish and Wildlife Labs, Marathon, FL, “Science and Ecosystem Management in the Florida Keys: Recent Successes and Challenge.
  • May 22 – Jack Davis, Professor of Environmental History, University of Florida, “The Gulf of Mexico: History, Nature, and Hope”.
Horizons 2017 – Click for more details
  • February 23 – Bruce Means, Biologist, Coastal Plains Institute, “Diamonds in the Rough: Natural History of the Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake”.
  • March 23 – Gail Skofronick-Jackson, NASA Project Specialist, “Let it Rain and Snow: Global Precipitation Measurement for Science and Society”.
  • April 27 – Jeffery Shanks, Archaeologist, National Park Service, “Middens, Mounds, and Mortuary Cults: The Archaeology of the Byrd Hammock Site”.
  • May 17 – Don Chambers, Associate Professor of Marine Science, University of South Florida, “Sea Level Rise and Climate Change”.
Horizons 2016 – Click for more details
  • February 25 – Chris Koenig, Marine Biologist, “Deep Science:  The Secret Lives of Groupers”.
  • March 24 – James Rice, Specialist on the Geology of Mars, “Wheels on Mars:  The Adventures and Discoveries of the Mars Rovers”.
  • April 28 – Tom Seeley, Biologist, “The Amazing Swarm:  How Honeybees Get Smart”.
  • May 25 – Ken Ford, CEO of the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, “Wright Brothers Revisited:  Climbing Aloft on the AI Wing”.
Horizons 2015 – Click for more details
  • February 26 – Ellen Prager, Marine Scientist, Author, “The Shark Whisperer & Other Exotic Tales of the Sea”.
  • March 26 – Brian Switek, Science Writer, “My Beloved Brontosaurus:  A Trip through the Days of the Big Dinosaurs”.
  • April 23 – Panel Discussion, “Deepwater Horizon’s 5th Anniversary”.
  • May 28 – George H. Burgess, “Man in the Gray Suit: The Truth about Shark Attacks”
Horizons 2014
  • February 27 – Bruce Means, Naturalist, Explorer, Author, “Over the Rainbow:  Exploring Shangri-La, The Lost Worlds of South America”.
  • March 20 – Leslie Sturmer, Fisheries Biologist, “Clamelot:  How a Clam Saved a Coastal Community”.
  • April 24 – Carlton Ward, Jr, Conservation Photographer, “The Corridor Expedition:  Connecting the Florida Wild”.
  • May 22 – Joe Hutto, Naturalist, Author, “Wyoming Wild:  The Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch”
Horizons 2013
  • February 28 – Cynthia Barnett, Science Writer, “Blue Revolution:  A Water Ethic for Florida and America”.
  • April 1 – John D. Hofmeister, Retired President of Shell Oil Co, “Staring at the Abyss: Economic Growth and Energy Security or Recession and Energy Rationing?”
  • April 25 – Maria Jacobsen, Archaeologist, “The H. L. Hunley: Surprising Facts About the South’s Secret Weapon”.
  • May 23 – Jim Fowler, Naturalist, TV Personality, “Wild Planet: What the Animals are Telling Us”
Horizons 2012
  • February 23 – Frank DiBello, President, Space Florida, “The State of the Space Industry in Florida”.
  • March 22 – Tom C. Shirley, Marine Biologist, Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, “Run Silent, Run Deep:  New Life on WWII Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico”.
  • April 25 – Joe Hutto, Naturalist, Author, Wildlife Artist, “My Life as a Turkey:  One Man’s Study of Nature & Nurture in the Wilds of Sopchoppy”.
  • May 24 – Janisse Ray, Author, Poet, Naturalist, “The Ecology of Southern Nature”.