Lannutti Lecture Series

robert williams

Dr. Robert Williams

The 2016 Lannutti Lecture series will be held on November 2nd and 3rd. Mark your calendars and plan to attend one or both of the lectures.

This year’s presenter is Dr. Robert Williams, who is Astronomer Emeritus at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Williams’ research specialties are nebulae, novae, and emission–line spectroscopy and analysis. He is a strong advocate for science education and outreach. He has lectured around the world on recent discoveries from the Hubble Telescope and other forefront facilities on the ground and in space.

He was awarded the Beatrice Tinsley Prize of the American Astronomical Society for his leadership of the Hubble Deep Field project, which revealed information about the early universe. For this project he was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal.

His public Lecture will be November 2nd at 7:00 pm in the College of Medicine auditorium and is entitled “Hubble Space Telescope: Piecing Together the Universe”.

The Physics Department Colloquium will be November 3rd at 3:45 PM (with free refreshments starting at 3:15 PM) in the Undergraduate Physics Laboratory, room 101 and is entitled “The Hubble Deep Field and its Legacy”. The public is invited to the Colloquium as well.