Newsletter January 2019

JANUARY 30, 2019

Dear Members,

Your Board of Directors would like to thank you for support of TSS through your membership and participation during 2018.

We hope you have great things planned for 2019 and that those plans include TSS. Here are our plans for the upcoming year:

  1. We are looking forward to a stellar Horizons Speaker Series! Purchase your tickets online and use your membership for a discounted ticket price! This year’s speakers have been invited to extend their presence in Tallahassee to include classroom visits, thus engaging the K-12 community in their science. We are currently working to arrange those visits. TSS is committed to bringing opportunities to experience science in venues that reach the larger Tallahassee community.
  2. During 2018, we contributed to a summer science camp with ReThink Energy Florida for middle-school students from public housing facilities. We would like to do more in 2019! The disparity in science enrichment opportunities between neighborhoods in Tallahassee can be alleviated through other such targeted efforts with your support. TSS is committed to making a difference in our community through science education initiatives. If you are interested in this effort, please consider making a contribution to TSS at one of our higher donation levels.
  3. The successful field trip series lead by Board Member Dana Bryan will continue. There is a wealth of opportunities to experience science in a variety of settings – fossil beds, wetlands, research labs, power plants, and archaeological sites. TSS Board Members have sought out interesting destinations for a broad range of activities. We welcome your ideas for new field trips!
  4. We are developing partnerships with other organizations throughout the Tallahassee community to create links and inform TSS members of other opportunities for science-related experiences. Is there an organization you would like to see us partner with? Contact us with your thoughts at!

As we look ahead, there are two issues that you, as TSS members, could help us with.

  • We need to boost our membership from 165 to 200. We are shy of the membership we need to become an affiliate of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). This affiliation would add to our visibility in scientific circles and enable us to identify scientists that we could invite to Tallahassee for our Horizons Speaker Series. Please share news of TSS with friends and family and consider giving a gift membership to someone who would enjoy participating in our organization.
  • Consider volunteering with TSS and becoming an active member. We have lots of opportunities for you to become involved. We need help:
    • organizing events such as our Horizons Series
    • grant-writing and fund-raising
    • helping at tabling events where we promote TSS
    • helping with social media and other forms of communication
    • serving as a science fair judge

As you know, our mission is to promote science in our community through these activities and other outreach efforts. But to accomplish this, we need your help to reach a broader audience. We are asking you to reach out to friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers – especially those individuals not familiar with TSS – and encourage them to join. Your Board is committed to building a sustainable membership.

Best regards,

Your Board of Directors
Kerry Maddox, Pres.
Christopher Harvey, Vice Pres.
Dana Bryan, Secretary
Tony Duben, Treasurer
Amy Datz
Barry Boerner
Mabry Gabordi Calhoun
George Dawson
Tangy Wilder
Carol Zimmerman

2018 Field Trip Series – Astronomy on Lake Miccosukee with the Tallahassee Astronomical Society

OCTOBER 6, 2018
7:45 PM TO END

On the night of Saturday, October 6th, the Tallahassee Scientific Society will host a free field trip to join the Tallahassee Astronomical Society at their Lake Miccosukee telescope observatory.

We will meet on-site at 7:45 pm. Sunset is at 7:15 pm and twilight ends at 8:35 pm. There is no stated ending time.

Because group size will be limited, all interested individuals must pre-register. To do so, email Dana Bryan at and provide the names of every individual wishing to attend and your contact information. Dana will then email you back to confirm your status and to give you further information, including directions to the observation site. Any weather cancellation will also be provided to registrants through their provided contact information.

Saturn will be in good viewing position all night – we will see its striking rings and a few of its brightest moons. We should also be able to see Mars, Jupiter and its moons, and Uranus. Many galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters will be visible and visitors can expect to see meteors, as well. We will also enjoy the frog chorus from the nearby lake.

TAS members will be viewing through their observatory telescope and several other telescopes, and visitors will be encouraged to move around on the wide platform as each telescope trains on different objects throughout the evening.