The Alum Bluff Exposure: Learn and Explore

Join the Tallahassee Scientific Society as we launch our 2021 Learn and Explore Field Trip Season!

This series will get us back out into nature and science safely. For each Learn and Explore Field Trip, the TSS will host a virtual, 1-hr meeting to learn about a field trip or experience with an expert. The expert will describe the science behind the excursion and the logistics needed to explore. After the meeting, you can explore in the way you decide is safe. You may choose to trek out on your own, or round up a couple of fellow TSS members for some outside, socially-distanced science exploration.

Our first Zoom meeting will be at 6pm on Tuesday, January 5th, with Harley Means, Assistant State Geologist, to learn about the Alum Bluff exposure. This is a classic geological exposure located along the east bank of the Apalachicola River approximately 1.8 miles north of the town of Bristol in Liberty County, Florida. Alum Bluff is the tallest natural exposure in Florida, and is famous for the fossil molluscan faunas contained in some of the strata. Additionally, there are plant and occasional vertebrate fossils known from this locality. During low stages of the Apalachicola River approximately 125 feet of vertical exposure can be observed, making it possible to collect fossils.

To learn more, including how to reach the site, the geologic history of the area, and fossils you might see, join us with the information below.

Tallahassee Scientific Society Learn and Explore: Harley Means Describes the Alum Bluffs
Jan 5, 2021 06:00 PM Eastern Time

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