Gold Medal Winners

The Gold Medal Award, established in 2004, is annually bestowed by the Society on a scientist or scholar selected from the Tallahassee community whose career achievements in science or science education and outreach are deemed exemplary. Each Fall, the Society hosts the presentation of the award and free public lecture by the awardee, preceded by a reception.
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henryneal2023 Dr. Kenneth Hansen (bio)
henryneal2022 Dr. Ellen Granger (bio)
henryneal2021 Carlos Villa (bio)
henryneal2020 Susan Blessing (bio)
henryneal2019 Laura Greene (bio)
prosper2018 Jeff Chanton
henryneal2017 Kenneth Brummel-Smith, MD
henryneal2016 Henry Neal
prosper2015 Harrison Prosper (Ted Talk)
joehutto2014 Joe Hutto
waltertschinkel2013 Walter Tschinkel
williamherrnkind2012 William Herrnkind
marshall_alan2011 Alan Marshall
jimsmith2010 Jim C. Smith
brucemeans2009 Bruce Means
harrykroto2008 Harry Kroto
josephtravis2007 Joseph Travis
marcus-nancy2006 Nancy Marcus
michealkasha2005 Michael Kasha
crow-jack2004 Jack Crow