Annual Reports

Annual Report: 2016

This report is a summary of the 2015–2016 Administrative year (May 1st to April 30th). This year’s focus was on our youth. We engaged in several activities in an attempt to lead middle and high school students towards a greater appreciation of science. We held a reception for public and private school science teachers at which we outlined requirements that qualify student projects for the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. We had a table at the Annual Tallahassee Science Festival held at Lake Ella and invited students to ask questions about science fair projects and challenged them to participate in the Science Fairs. This was an opportunity to dialog with interested students and to assist them in formulating the questions to be addressed in their science fair project. We continued our financial support for science fairs with a contribution to a deserving participant in the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. This year’s awardee was Sampath Kunar. His project was entitled, “Interactions between Histones and IDH Contribute to Childhood and Adult Glioblastoma Formation”. We also continued our support, as a sponsor, of the State History Fair with our contribution design-ated for the history of science award. Our presence was noted at the Mag Lab’s Open House where we engaged with more than 400 community youth and wowed them with our science demonstrations. Throughout the year we held the 2nd Saturday Science Lab in conjunction with the Leon County Public Library. This was another attempt to capture the imagination of our youth and steer them towards a greater appreciation for science. Another new initiative to encourage our youth to embrace science was undertaken this year. We awarded 3 tickets to a deserving science student for a Horizons event. The students were chosen by their teachers and the additional tickets were to be used by the student’s parents or by fellow science students. Your society’s financial condition is sound in both our general fund and in the Lannutti Lecture Series fund. We are always appreciative of those that make an additional contribution which allows us to do more to promote science. Our Horizons series experienced another successful year finishing last year’s events with George Burgess, the “Shark Man” and the 3 events in the 2016 series: Chris Koenig, “All about Groupers; Mars Adven-ture with James Rice: and Tom Seeley’s presenta-tion on the “IQ of the hive”. Planning will start for next year’s series soon after the annual meeting. Frank Stephenson has chaired the Horizons Committee since your society launched this program. Frank is retiring from the board and will not be chairing the committee next year. We will sorely miss his endeavors. It will be difficult to replace the contribution he has made to the Society and to the Horizons series. We wish him well as he retires to his home in Carrabelle. Our Gold Metal Award and member appreciation reception was both a fun event and a joy to honor someone of the stature of Harrison Prosper, our Gold Medal Awardee. Dr. Prosper’s presentation was informative and enlightened all in attendance regarding CERN – the supercollider in Switzerland that is used to investigate subatomic particles. During the year, three new board members, were appointed: Jim Davis, Todd Engstrom, and Dana Bryan. They have quickly assumed their roles and are making a contribution in leading your society. Our membership has remained relatively con-stant over the years. We rely primarily on our members’ dues and donations for financial support to accomplish our mission. We thank those that continue to renew their membership and welcome new members that have joined us this last year. The board appreciates the effort of many of our members who have stepped forward to assist with the Society’s programs and activities. Without volunteers we could not have accom-plished what we were able to do this year. Thank you, volunteers. Detailed reports on our activities are presented on other pages of this annual report. Please take the time to review those pages. We welcome feedback and new ideas from our members. Members are welcome to attend our board meetings held at noon the first Thursday of the month at the law offices of Hopping, Green, and Sams