Annual Reports

  • Annual Financial Report: 2016

    RECEIPTS Membership Dues $3,855 Donations $300 Horizons Ticket Sales $8,004 Lannutti Lecture $1,586 Total Receipts $13,745 EXPENDITURES Fees $539 History Fair Award $200 Printing/Copying $118 Gold Medal Award $1,486 Horizons $4,587 Website $2,805 Lannutti Lecture $1,815 Total Expenditures $11,550 SURPLUS OF RECEIPTS OVER EXPENDITURES $2,195 NET ASSETS – BEGINNING OF PERIOD $16,954 NET ASSETS – END OF PERIOD $19,149 BREAKDOWN OF NET ASSETS – END OF PERIOD Lannutti Fund $5,035 Unrestricted Fund $14,114 $19,149

  • Annual Report: 2016

    This report is a summary of the 2015–2016 Administrative year (May 1st to April 30th). This year’s focus was on our youth. We engaged in several activities in an attempt to lead middle and high school students towards a greater appreciation of science. We held a reception for public and private school science teachers at which we outlined requirements that qualify student projects for the Regional Science and Engineering Fair. We had a table at the Annual Tallahassee Science Festival held at Lake Ella and invited students to ask questions about science fair projects and challenged them to participate in the Science Fairs. This was an opportunity to dialog with…