Awards Committee

The Awards Committee monitors the activities of members and other scientists, and nominates those with outstanding achievements in certain specified fields for awards on an annual basis.

Committee on Public Affairs (COPA)

Committee on Public Affairs (COPA) seeks to inform the membership of the kinds of political and legislative activities at the state and local levels that affect scientists, science teachers and the lay public in its understanding of science. Working in concert with the Media Committee, and as determined consistent with the Society’s aims and objectives, it identifies topics that should be brought before the public on important policy matters in science, especially with reference to their societal significance. It develops procedures to gather and provide information to assist government executives, state and local legislators, and other decision-makers on matters where the expertise of members of the TSS can best be applied.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the Society’s treasurer to solicit funds from donor agencies and any other available source for the Society’s activities. The committee plans the Society’s annual budget and oversees financial operations and policy. This committee consists of the treasurer and three or four other members with financial management experience who are appointed by the Board.

Media Committee

The Media Committee seeks to increase public awareness of, and interest in, science and technology. Promotes all Society-sponsored events in both print and digital media. Prepares articles on technical subjects for publication in print and on the Web. Encourages the media to cover events of a technical nature. The committee strives to work as a liaison between the press and the scientific community.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding categories of members and plans and organizes membership drives. The committee encourages members to get involved in the activities of the Society, and seeks to resolve any questions members may have regarding the operations of the Society.

B.L.A.S.T. Committee

The Big Bend/Leon Association for Science Teaching (BLAST) is a subsidiary organization to the Tallahassee Scientific Society. This special group of science educators seeks to establish lines of communication among all persons involved in science education in the North Florida community, foster life-long interest in the sciences, foster increased knowledge and skill of science teachers, coordinate curricula and services most conducive to outstanding science education in Leon County, and provide monetary support for special science teacher and student projects. BLAST is also affiliated with the Florida Association of Science Teachers. Click to learn more.

Lannutti Memorial Lecture Committee

The Lannutti Memorial Lecture Committee undertakes all arrangements for the Society’s Annual Lannutti Memorial Lecture. Among these are the selection of the Lannutti Lecturer, coordination of the date (normally in April of each year) for the lecture, the venue, invitations, dinner, program, and other details. Click to read more about Past Lannutti Honorees.

John Gorrie Lecture Committee

The John Gorrie Traveling Lecture Committee plans and executes this annual lecture, presented to communities within a 50-mile radius of Tallahassee. This annual sight-and-sound, illustrated presentation helps participants to understand the technical features of a well-known subject, system or article. Among the functions of this committee are: identifying a subject item or system for the lecture; arranging with an organization involved with similar items to be the presenter of the lecture; meeting with the organizing committee (e.g. a high school advisory council) in each location to make all arrangements for the presentation in that location and facilitating the event.