HORIZONS 2020 – Jerry Coyne, Ph.D.

Jerry Coyne, Ph.D. University of Chicago, Department of Ecology & Evolution Why Evolution Is Still True Despite the mountain of evidence supporting the theory and fact of biological evolution, most Americans still reject the naturalistic version of the process that we teach in schools and colleges, according to Dr. Jerry Coyne. In this talk he’ll explain what the modern theory really says, and then show some of the multifarious evidence for evolution and natural selection— evidence that comes from many areas of science, including biogeography, the fossil record, embryology, natural history, and genetics. He’ll then briefly discuss why this most important of all biological ideas has been denied by so many people. Doors Open at 6:00pm • Talk Starts at 7:00pm

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Mar 26 2020


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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