K-12 Science Outreach

TSS has a commitment to support, encourage, and develop opportunities in STEM disciplines for our local student population. We carry out our mission by coordinating with teachers, school administrators, and community organizations to provide assistance with science-based events and activities.

TSS coordinates with schools to bring judges to school-based science fairs, as well as the Annual Capital Regional Science and Engineering Fair for middle and high school students.
Tallahassee hosts a variety of community festivals throughout the year to showcase the science enrichment activities in our community in which TSS is present to engage the public.
TSS is a proud partner of the Tallahassee Science Festival, a large annual event that draws more than 2000 attendees. Exhibitors from industry, educational organizations and government come together to engage the larger Tallahassee/Big Bend community in science and technology activities and demonstrations.
TSS provided funding to support summer science camps through direct support to organizations that provide scholarships to underrepresented students.
Partnered with Leon County Schools to bring the invited Horizons’ speakers to the classrooms to meet with students.
Partner with Delta Kappa Omega and MagLab to co-host the Providence STEM Event to offer information about summer science camps to students from Title I schools and their parents.
The history of science is a topic that helps illustrate major scientific milestones. Every year TSS honors a student at the Florida Regional History Fair for a presentation in the “Science History” category with a monetary donation. We also sponsor the Science Heritage Award at the Annual Florida History Day at the Museum of Florida History.